Quote of the Week

Quote #10

It takes nothing to join the crowd.
It takes everything to stand alone.
– Hans Hansen


6 thoughts on “Quote #10”

  1. Good day. Pratha Nayak

    Thank you for your quote from: – Hans Hansen

    the suction
    the so-called righteous
    to those who know
    to those of us
    show the right way

    every human
    when he has no conscience
    what they do
    exposed their basic ideas

    all one
    stand for yourself
    there is not any

    it needs the mother for this
    the father
    and all that
    a human
    needs to survive
    from nature
    and fellow human beings

    it demands the whole
    Being human out

    on the
    own feet
    to stand
    and not
    on the feet
    the other

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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