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Earl Grey Tea and Its Benefits

Tea time is a chance to slow down,
pull back and appreciate our surroundings.
– Letitia Baldrige

Since first appearing in the 18th century, Earl Grey tea (also known as Bergamot tea) became extremely popular, mainly because of its amazing health benefits. 

It is a blend of black tea and bergamot orange extracts which makes it so unique. It is said that the tea was named after the British prime minister Charles grey. Though the origin of the tea has many stories to it, the most common story is that it was specifically blended for him. 

Over time, the popularity of this particular blend soared as it was consumed within royal families and elite groups. The citrus flavor extracted from bergamot gives the tea a refreshing flavor, which can be consumed any time of day.


  • Rich of antioxidants – As the tea is full of antioxidants, it helps in boosting immunity and having a healthy lifestyle.
  • Detoxes body of free radicals– As per the new age lifestyle of unhealthy food, drinks, and smoking, we generate a lot of free radicals in our body which eventually causes many diseases like cancer, premature aging, and many more. Earl grey tea helps in detoxing our blood cells and removes free radicals from our system.
  • Energizes– Earl grey tea has a safe amount of caffeine in it which is enough to boost our energy and help us focus. Also, the citrus flavor helps in feeling refreshed when we feel tired or restless.
  • Enhances digestion– This tea helps in keeping a good gut health and digestion process. It also helps in case of vomiting or nausea.
  • Keeps oral infections at bay– Due to the high content of catechins and fluoride, it helps in reducing tooth decay and bacteria. It also reduces bad breath.
  • Acts as an anti-depressant– The high antioxidants, vitamin C, caffeine, and many other minerals help in releasing stress. It enhances one’s mood and helps in focusing better as well as thinking better.
  • Aids weight loss– Earl grey tea helps break down fat cells and lowers the cholesterol level in our body and hence helps in weight loss while maintaining a healthy and proportionate diet.
  • Helps in recovering from flu and cold– Along with the vitamin C and Riboflavin content, this tea helps in getting relief from congested chest due to flu and cold.
  • Keeps our heart healthy– As the minerals in black tea have the property of lowering blood pressure, Earl grey tea along with the antioxidants helps to keep cardiovascular disease away and gives a healthy heart.

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Pratha Nayak


“Feminism”- Why do people cringe upon mentioning this word?

Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive.
Both men and women should feel free to be strong.
– Emma Watson

We are living in a 21st-century era. Things are changing at a rapid pace. The “Feminism” act started in of 18th century though the term was different for it. Yet after this many years, the majority of people don’t understand what feminism is all about.

The actual definition of Feminism is to fight for individual rights, regardless of their gender. The term stands for equality of any gender and to stop sexism. In our society, we have some pre-defined set of limitations for a specific gender. Like women are not strong physically and men don’t cry. It has been proven multiple times that there is no limitation for us and we can achieve anything in life. Then why still there are so many people who are supporting this kind of stereotype mentality.

Feminism is not a scale to measure which gender is suffering more and which gender is living off better. Many have a misconception that feminism is all about hating the male gender and making their life intolerable as many smart people think so. Well if you are also one of them then I am sorry but you have the wrong information. Because feminism supports male gender and fights for their equality as well. 

Men don’t have to take full responsibility for their families. They shouldn’t be pressurized to take the lead when it comes to the financial aspect of life or protecting their family. Men and women both are equally responsible for each and every aspect of life. Men are also pressurized to choose some particular kind of career. And feminism act was started to make sure all the genders are treated in the right manner. But since we have many people who support a mindset saying that each gender has a different set of roles in our life. Because of this, an opposition side for this activity started. People are still fighting over this without even understanding it, thus the word “Feminism” became a topic of controversy.

It is true that this act initially started to uplift women in society and give them a chance to make a life of their own. And that was because women have suffered a lot due to the misogyny mindset in our society. People have portrayed women a burden or treated them as an object. Slowly people are changing and the new generation is bringing a lot of positive change to our world, but changes always come with a sacrifice or price to pay. And this becomes a reason for rebel and creates two sides, one which is ready for the pain and the other which is ready to inflict it. Which side usually you are on?

One should take full responsibility for their own life irrespective of which gender group they belong to. You also need to understand that you don’t have any right to impose or restrict someone else’s life in any way. There are many places where even today women are confined within a domestic domain and are not given the freedom to do anything as per their wish. Some kids are not getting a proper education. To put a full stop to this kind of lifestyle, feminism was brought into the picture.

Since there is so much negativity around the word itself, people who even believe in equality also often say that “I am not a feminist.”

Do you also believe in the theory that we should live freely and let others live the same way? That everyone should have equal rights and equal opportunities in life. That there is no limitation for any gender, then be a fair supporter and raise your voice for Feminism. Once you voice your opinion, you might face a lot of disagreement today, but it might bring some change tomorrow in our society.

Feminism is equality, politically, culturally, socially, economically. That’s it, that simple.
-Emma Watson

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Stories and Poems, Story telling

A tale of everlasting

Photo by Igor Haritanovich on Pexels.com
Even wind is on your side
pushing me towards you
with all the forces killing
the chance of feeling your
crisp on my flame.

It scares me to touch you,
as you will melt away.

But I am hoping you will fall on me,
at least you will soothe my ashes.

I am wrong for you in all the levels
of life and you are deadly for me
with each flake you make.

How can fire and ice ever
exist side by side?

Yet together we create a picturesque

- Pratha Nayak

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Pratha Nayak


Book Review: The parable of the pipeline by Burke Hedges

Opportunities, unlike jobs.
Usually don’t advertise themselves in newspaper.
– Burke Hedges

Being financially free is something everybody dreams of right? But we all go the traditional way to achieve it, which is to do 9-5 jobs. But later end up realizing that a 9-5 job gives us scope to survive and save but never makes us financially free. This book helps you understand that even by doing your daily job, how one can become financially free.

This book puts the spotlight on the real facts of life. Showcasing that the money being earned in any of the job professions is based on the number of hours that you have spent. This means if efforts are not being given on a particular day, then you don’t get paid. And the money we earn is going to be over one day unless we make our money work for us and make more money out of it.
So in short, working a 9-5 job and making money, doesn’t matter how big your paycheck is, it is not going to help you to survive for long. This book helps you understand, how to manage your money and how you can invest it along with your time to become financially free.

To make a sustainable living it is important to make a source of income that can give you profits even when you are not working for it. Now, this can be done in two ways.
The first is to invest your money and let the money work for you and give you more money. This plan takes time and this is for securing your life after retirement.
The second is to invest your time and build a plan which takes a lot of effort from you in the beginning. You will need to sacrifice all your luxury of spending leisure time for the fun to working on building a plan which can eventually in a couple of years give you profit for sustaining without even doing anything.

Our daily 9-5 jobs can make our present good and luxurious but a pipeline building plan will secure your present and future.
But coming from a different perspective, both methods are important and both can be implemented simultaneously. It is important to follow the first method which is slow and takes a very long time but at the same time, you can start working on a side plan which will make your next few years exhausting but after that, life will be stress-free. Keep your eyes on the prize and work extra hours on building your own business. It is going to take all your efforts in the initial stage of building your business but it is going to give you all the leisure time you need in the coming future.

Click on the above image link to buy.
Published date: 2001
Author: Burke Hedges (Author and Entrepreneur)
Genre: Self-help book, Financial Help
Publisher: I N T I Pub & Resource Books Inc
Page count: 144
My rating: 4/5

You’ll never create real and lasting wealth trading time for money.
– Burke Hedges

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Pratha Nayak

Story telling

Rattled Cage

Dreams and freedom are the same.
In order for them to be,
they come with a price.
– Criss Jami

A bird flying in the sky, fluttering through the wind, was living her life freely in the world. Her eyes getting a beautiful view warming her heart to the core. The feeling of opening her wings and diving in the air was magnificent. She sat on the highest branch of a tree for some time. She was enjoying the view from up there. Something caught her attention, as she squinted her eyes more, in a very long distance a beautiful castle came into view.

A castle so beautiful and shiny, it took her breath away. She wanted to see it from a closer distance but it was too far away. Deeper into the forest it was going to take a very long time for her to cover the distance and that’s when a dream took its birth. A dream that needed endurance, pain and patience to come true. It was time to cross many obstacles and bring the love to nurture the dream to grow. Her belief got stronger and she was ready to withstand any storm. Believing in her wings, she kept flying through the strong wind and kept going in the direction of the castle.

It took her months of hard work and struggle to reach the beautiful place. She was now looking at the castle from outside and was mesmerized by it’ beauty. She took a deep breath and slowly started flying into the castle.

The moment she entered the boundaries a new plant started growing around the castle climbing the walls and creating a dome-like structure all over the place. It appeared as if someone has decorated the whole castle with beautiful golden flowers and silver thrones.

The bird was enchanted with the beauty and luxury that was present within the whole place. Suddenly many more birds came from inside and started playing and feeding on all the different kinds of food and she joined them and played with them for a very long time. When the sun started setting down she gazed outside and took a deep breath. She was relaxed, happy and very satisfied by thinking where she was.

Few days went by and the bird was happily enjoying her days of living in the castle. One fine morning she thought of going for a fly around the place and stretch her wings. And that’s when the bird finally noticed the decoration over the place. It was beautiful but impossible to cross. Realization dawned within her, that she was actually trapped in the castle and it was actually a golden cage.

Fluttering her wings, she tried flying up and crossing the barriers and ended up damaging her wings by the silver thrones. She was deeply wounded. She looked up at the sky through tears and wondered how her pained efforts resulted in gaining more pain.

The castle was filled with everything to survive other than her freedom. The bird started scratching on the main wall of the castle using her beak and wrote, “All dreams and wishes come true, but with a paid price.”

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Pratha Nayak

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How to get your first freelancing gig?

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.
– Robert Greene

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com

Are you also one of those who want to do freelancing work, make a side hustle but gave up because even after trying for days, you didn’t get a single job? Well, believe me, I was one of those as well. But as it is said, “When there is a will there’s a way.”

Well, the main issue is we want to get it all very quickly without even trying to learn the correct approach to it. I can say that one day you saw some video about freelancing or heard from someone about it and maybe just Googled about it and got started.
You might even have followed every step and in the end, got disappointed with the result.
You thought this freelancing is all about luck and it’s very difficult to do.

Well, that feeling is true. It is difficult, but nothing is easy in this world either. But with patience and hard work, anything is possible. Also, we need to believe that we can achieve anything. I am going to share with you guys what worked for me and how I got my first freelancing gig.

The first and the most important step is to recognize your skill. Freelancing is nothing but selling your skill at a negotiated price. And that can be done only when you have something to sell. And it’s not only necessary to recognize your skill but it is very important to hone it as well. You need to polish it till the point when it starts to shine.
Try to look for the kind of freelancing projects available in the market and try working on it just to know on which level do you stand. Practising on real-time projects prepares you to sharpen your skill.

The next step is to find the right platform. Nowadays there are multiple platforms for freelancers like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, People per hour and many more. All this platform works in different ways. Few of them charge you a fixed amount to use their platform whereas others might just take some percentage of your earning as a commission. You need to find the platforms that suit you the best. And you need to register on multiple websites to get more opportunities.
Nowadays even social media is providing scope for freelancing, like Facebook, Linked In and others, where they have many group pages. In these group pages, you can find many opportunities.

Once you have registered yourself in a few of the freelancing websites, the next step is to make a compelling profile. Your profile should showcase your skills and ability to take on challenging tasks and give a creative and unique solution. As I told you earlier it’s all about selling your skills. And to sell anything, your marketing strategy should be very strong. You should be able to convince your customer to buy your product instead of someone else’s. We already know there is too much competition nowadays, so you first need to understand the “Why” power. That is you need to explain to your customer Why they should trust you and give you a chance to work for them even though you don’t have any experience.

The real-time projects you took for practising can be shown as your experience too. Usually when you submit a proposal for any of the freelancing jobs or when you make a package of your service, you need to show some examples of the kind of work you can do. This gives the customer an idea of how well are you in your field and whether you will be able to provide the service they require.

Work for free. I know it sounds absurd. Why would anyone work for free? But in this case, working for free in starting might help you in the big picture. When you give your best and present the best result which customer is expecting then you might get a very good review on your profile. These reviews will attract more customers and get you more work. And then you can charge a good amount for your work and new jobs will keep flowing into your portfolio.

You can even ask for work within your known circle, like your old employer or a friend who has a small business. You can create a base for you to showcase them as your experience.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Patience is very big in this process. You have to apply to many jobs daily and yet it might take months for you to get that first gig. The key is to not give up. Many times you will be approached and many times you will even get a gig. But even after submitting the work, you might not get paid and you might not hear from your customer again. But I would still suggest not to give up. You just need that first job. And to get that you just need to convince one person that you are good enough to do the job.

Last but not least. YOU GET THE FIRST GIG.
Once you get your first gig, make sure you give your best to this task. Make sure that the task is done as per the customer requirements and conditions so that you can get that Five-star rating on your portfolio. This is the only key to keep getting more jobs in the coming days.

Repetition is the mother of skill.
– Tony Robbins

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Pratha Nayak


How to overcome laziness?

The only time a lazy man ever succeeds is when he tries to do nothing.
-Evan Esar

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Do you guys also have those lazy days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all?
Especially in recent times, since Covid-19 we all have been locked inside our home. Staying inside the home, away from the world has made us sluggish and lethargic. We are working from home but our productivity has reduced linearly with time at the same time staying inside is necessary for our own good. So how do you guys manage to wake up every day and do the work that needs to be done? I guess you do it because you don’t have any other option, isn’t it? I mean we can’t take eternal leaves from our work. And the more you delay it, the more it piles up.

Honestly, I don’t like this feeling at all. Yeah, I do wish to take a day off and literally do nothing but at least on those days my mood is good and I end up spending the day relaxing by reading a book or watch a movie. The next day I feel refreshed. But when I feel mentally down and don’t want to move from one spot, it makes me more irritated. On those days I don’t even feel like getting out of bed. Now, this can happen because of multiple reasons. At times people have a medical condition which usually keeps them in a lethargic state.

But soon enough we realize that we do need to finish our work, whether it is related to our job or household chores. Can we overcome this state of mind and productively do our work? Yes, we can!

Follow the 2-minute rule
The 2-minute rule says that if a task or work can be completed in just 2-minutes then do it immediately. There is no meaning in delaying a task that can be finished in such a short time.

Do the 5-1 countdown
Anytime you get distracted or want to leave the work in the mid-process, count slowly from 5-1. It usually calms you down and makes you patient.

Try doing the easiest task of the day in the morning-
Usually, when we are not having the urge to work, it is better to do the task which takes the least effort on our side. Doing this will give you a sense of accomplishment and will change your mood a bit.

Mix the boring task with a bit of entertainment-
Suppose you are doing some household chores, you can play some music while doing the work. You can groove along with the music and finish the task in no time.

Keep distractions on the bay-
On the other hand, while doing the task that needs your complete attention, it is better to keep all distraction away like your mobile phone or TV. The Netflix series you want to finish will still be there when you will finish your task.

Ask for help-
It is okay to ask for help from the people around you, doesn’t matter whether you are at home or office. It is said that when you ask for help from your colleagues it increases your productivity because you get to learn from each other share those skills and special tricks you found out.

Reward yourself once in a while-
If you got out of your bed and got the job done even though you didn’t want to, then pat your own back and do something that makes you happy. Rewards motivate you to move ahead.

Focus on using your strengths-
Everyone knows their own strengths and weakness. We know what we are good at, so use that skill and target to finish the related tasks and get it out of your To-Do list. This will amplify your energy level and push you to finish the rest of the work as well.

Make action plans and To-Do lists-
Plan your day ahead. If you create a list of tasks that needs to be done and make an action plan on how to do it at least a day before, the next day you don’t have to stress much on how to do and what to do part of the work.

Stop going for perfection-
Trying to be perfect is not going to make you productive, it is only going to demoralize you more. Rather try approaching on doing a quality job.

Set realistic goals-
Break your bigger goals into smaller ones. And try keeping your daily goals simpler and doable so that you don’t feel overwhelmed about them daily.

Try giving positive enforcement to yourself-
When we are feeling down or lazy, we start negatively talking to ourselves. Like for example, “I am never going to finish this task on time.” Rather say to yourself that, “I will try my best to finish as much as I can.”

Take small breaks in between work-
When you take small breaks in between your work, you reset your brain and feel energized again.

Maintain a high-protein diet-
If you are feeling lazy for a longer period, it is better to keep a check on your diet. Eating high carbs diet can make you lethargic whereas having a high protein diet keeps you active for a longer time. Also, try avoiding processed food for some days.

Exercise 2-3 times a week-
Even if you are a person who doesn’t like to exercise or doesn’t have the time, try to exercise at least 2-3 times a week for 20 mins. This keeps your health in check.

Consult a doctor-
If after following all the above steps, you feel down and lazy then try consulting a doctor. It might be a medical condition that is making you feel so. In such a case, it is better to get the proper medication and treatment.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Idleness is the dead sea that swallows all virtues.
– Benjamin Franklin

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Pratha Nayak


High expectations may result in destroying your happiness.

There is no joy involved in following other’s expectations of yourself.
– Miriam Toews

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

Expectations- On today’s date, this word itself has become quite scary. And from whom do we keep this particular emotion? From those people who are very close to our heart or from people we trust to have the ability to bring the change that we want. The irony is we never do anything for ourselves. We never even think of living up to someone else’s expectations and yet we expect a lot from others.

Humans are called social animals. Why? Because we rely on others a lot. We rely on others to survive on earth. And this dependency goes to an extent where we depend on others emotionally, physically, mentally and financially as well. Being the social animals on this planet, within humans also there are a lot of variants. And the co-dependency is increasing with time. But there is always a point where we all start to have a lot of expectations from other people. Expectations that are unachievable, unfulfillable and unimaginable. But still, we have these precious expectations from those people because they are important to us and we think and want to feel important in their life as well. The definition of love, care and importance are quite different for everyone. It’s like apples and oranges for a few of them. But what surprises me more is the way they represent it and showcase themselves as the biggest person on earth.

Is it just me or do you also feel that having too much expectations from your near and dear one’s is spoiling their happiness as well as yours? How much pressure can someone take from your wishes? Will that person not burst out one day? What if that person breakdowns and loses emotional strength? It does happen you know. There are so many people in this world, who are suffering from this particular fear right now for not living up to terms.

It’s not that we only expect from others. At times we set very high expectations from ourselves as well. And when we fail miserably to achieve those, self doubt and anxiety takes birth. In this whole charades people die.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I often think, how many people on this planet live their life freely without having the fear of losing anything or everything they have. If we start a count, will we at least get a fair amount of numbers?

Yes, we would because slowly that generation is evolving at a very high rate where people are learning to be fearless and go for that huge leap. It’s a constant reminder though that, “You are on your own.” But it makes sense that freedom is worth it.

Whether it is your expectations from yourself or you having expectations from someone else or someone having high expectations from you, it might suppress your confidence. Some people do thrive being in that pressure but most people fall from the cliff.

But being social animals with brains that make big inventions and evolutions, we hardly ever understand this small thing, that is to “Live freely and let live freely”. If you love and care about someone, wouldn’t you want them to be happy, lively and having the best of life?

Loving and caring for someone should be with selfless emotions. Instead we impose our wishes and fears on them. It’s time to accept people in our life as they are and support them to achieve their life goals.

Everyone seems to have a clear idea
of how other people should lead their lives,
but none about his or her own.
– Paulo Coelho

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Pratha Nayak

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Emotional well-being: How to take care of your emotional health?

Positive emotional energy is the key to health,
happiness and wellbeing. The more positive you are, the better your life will be in every area.
– Brain Tracy

Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels.com

How well do you deal with your emotions daily?
Do you think it is important to take care of your emotional health?

You must be thinking about what does emotional well-being mean, right!
Emotional well-being refers to the way you feel and handle your daily life while coping with the daily struggle. It is about how well you manage your thoughts and emotions and take wise and better decisions. Whether you agree or not your emotional health significantly impacts your life.

Your relationship with your family, friends or your colleagues or even when it comes to your career and even your relationship with yourself, everything is connected to your emotions or the way you feel.
Doesn’t matter how much you ignore those thoughts or suppress them, it’s gonna be visible on your face and your behavior.

One of the biggest example we can take is how COVID has taken a big toll on most of the population throughout the globe. With the second wave of COVID arising rapidly, people are not much scared of getting infected rather they are more worried to lose their job again. Losing family and friends are making them worried sick and the biggest thought is capturing everyone’s mind is losing normalcy to life again. Not meeting friends and staying away from your own family is reducing emotional health by 74 per cent as per the recent survey.

It is not possible to stay positive and happy all the time and be in a good mood. But being gloomy all the time is also not good for you as well as for the people around you.

Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels.com

Ways to take care of your emotional well-being:

Talking about how you are feeling helps you to get rid of those thoughts and many times you get the picture of how your thoughts are making you react or behave. At times just because we suppress our thoughts, it starts showing in our behavior without our knowledge.

Exercise from time to time or play your favorite outdoor sports. Any kind of physical activity helps you in releasing the build-up frustration and improves your mood.

Drinking or smoking might make you feel better or make you forget those disturbing thoughts for the moment but later it’s all gonna come back altogether making you feel worse than ever. So drink sensibly.

Take a break and spend that time with yourself. It is very important to enjoy being alone and think about life from every perspective.

Photo by Sofia Alejandra on Pexels.com

Learn to say “NO”. At times we just go along with others just because we don’t want to upset them or we just don’t want to deal with the consequences of saying NO to them. We end up doing something which we are not comfortable doing or we don’t have time to do. It will make you frustrated and tired mentally.

Try to be aware of your emotions and reactions. Understand the pattern of your mood and thoughts and try to find out what is triggering such behavior. Once you understand the same, it will help you take time to calm yourself before reacting or taking any action when you are in such situations.

Learn to balance your life. Nowadays everyone is so busy in life they forget to keep a balance between their profession, social circle and family.

Try learning new things. When you learn something completely new, it makes you feel excited and happy and also gives you a feeling of accomplishing something different from your daily life.

Convert your inner critic into a life coach. Give yourself a positive boost and change your perspective of handling a situation. If something goes wrong, instead of feeling bad or sad start thinking about how you can change the situation or what will rectify it.

Maintain a good healthy diet. At times not getting proper nutrition can imbalance hormones in your body and can give you mood swings.

Keep in touch with old friends. Just talking with people who know you for a very long time improves your mood instantly.

Accept yourself the way you are. Just think if you are not able to accept and love yourself, how can you expect the same from others.

Spend time doing something you are good at or feel happy doing it.

Ask for help when you feel vulnerable and down. Also, try helping others who are going through similar issues and take care of them.

Mental health is not a destination,
but a process.
It’s about how you drive,
not where you’re going.
– Noam Shpaneer

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Tips to reduce hair fall

Hair loss is God’s way of telling me I’m Human.
– Bruce Willis

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

We all want to look good and our appearance matters a lot. And the reason for this is that we are humans. Having a good personality makes us feel better about us but we need to realize one thing first that beauty is inside of us. And when it comes to our personality, it is up to us how we represent ourselves in front of others. But if we come to the point, maximum people are facing a similar issue on today’s date and that is hair fall. And though it can be happening to you for many reason, it causes a lot of stress within us.
In general we lose 50 to 100 hair in a day which is said to be normal. And new hair replaces the old hair but it takes time for that to happen. But if someone is suffering from any kind of hair disease it is difficult for hair re-growth to happen.

What causes hair fall?
Hair loss can happen due to many reasons. Now a days even kids are facing this issue and some how people have started to adapt this as new normal.
* It might be heredity.
* You might be going through some kind of hormone imbalance or hormonal issues. In that case you should consult a doctor and get it treated first.
* Stress can be a big reason for hair loss.
* Sleep deprivation.
* Any major medical conditions can cause hair fall. Most of the time the drugs used for treatment of those medical conditions causes hair fall.
* Dehydration.
* Using hard water for hair wash.
* Nutrition deficient.
* Women may face hair loss during pregnancy, or if are suffering from PCOS or PCOD.

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

How to reduce hair loss?
There is always a point from where you cannot return back. Hair loss can be reduced but till a certain stage. If you can take a little care at the earlier stages then you might be able to maintain it for a longer time.
* Try using a mild and paraben free shampoo.
* Avoid using hair dryer or straighteners on a regular basis. The more your hair is exposed to heat, the more it will become dry and brittle.
* Maintain a healthy diet. Include vitamin E in your diet, this is a must. Also try including dry fruits and green vegetables in your diet daily.
* Washing hair daily can dry your scalp and hair fall can increase where as washing hair in longer interval can make your scalp very sticky and dirt can accumulate. That’s why I suggest you wash your hair weekly twice.
* Try using DIY hair masks like apple cider vinegar or rice water with rosemary essential oil. Spray directly on scalp and wash after 30 mins.
* Never brush your hair when it is wet. Hair follicles are very soft and it can break very easily. It can create split ends as well.
* Oil your hair at least weekly once. Try using onion seed oil or any other oil which suits you.
* Try reducing any kind of styling products on a regular basis. If you are facing too much of hair fall, try avoiding coloring or bleaching your hair.
* Consult a skin and hair specialist for severe hair fall.
* Try staying hydrated. Drinking water on a proper amount helps your hair to retain moisture. Drink coconut water once in a while, it balances the PH level in our body.
* Try getting proper sleep. Sleep is very essential for a healthy body and mind.
* Practice yoga weekly three times at minimum. This will increase blood circulation throughout your body. This way blood will reach to your scalp as well and your hair will look shiny and healthy.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

Note: All the tips mentioned above are self tried. It may or may not work for you in the same way.

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Self Improvement

How to overcome self doubt?

Erase self doubt by working to build your strength instead of focusing on your weaknesses.
– Rodolfo Costa

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Will I be able to do it?
Am I beautiful?
Am I good enough?
What if I fail in completing this?
What if I make mistakes and end up in trouble?
What if I get stuck in between?
What if they don’t like me at all?
Will I look good in this cloths?
Am I so ugly?

Sounds familiar?
Self-doubt is something we all go through from time to time. Some of us know how to cross that thin barrier and some us just believe those thoughts and give up. And it is quite normal to give up in such situations. But what if you can actually make those same thoughts your strength?
Wouldn’t it be amazing?

I believe that self doubt can be very useful even though it is the only thing that stops us to take that one step which can change our life. Self doubt gives us a reality check about our own self-esteem and confidence. It is a voice in our brain that tells us that we need to learn more, practice more and appreciate the efforts we are putting in to achieving whatever it is that we are looking to have in life.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

The first place self doubt takes birth is our own brain. Whenever we are preparing for something which is extremely important for us, we start doubting our own abilities. Many times it occurs due to our social circle or peer pressure or even our family members. Often we are surrounded with people who take a dig on us and underestimate us in front of everyone. And instead of supporting us, other people make fun of us or they just stay quite. And their laughs and statements starts making a nest in our mind which results in self doubt.

When you really work hard and give your best and end up failing, it is obvious to feel unaccomplished and we start saying ourselves that we are good for nothing or we are just plain dumb. Which is actually not the fact. It is important to understand that mistakes and failures are the only way to learn and expertise your skills in your desired fields.

Self doubt also creeps within you when it comes to your looks or personality. When it comes to these things we usually rely on other’s opinion and believe the same. But it is always said so that as long as you don’t give value to yourself, others won’t give value to you as well. Personality is something which flourishes with self love, self confidence and compassion.

In my opinion we should start owning those thoughts and challenge them within us to overcome self doubt. Make it the ladder to becoming more confident about yourself.

Practice positive affirmation and gratitude.
In many of my posts I have recommend this, and I can say it again and again that practicing positive affirmation helps in a great way. Having a gratitude mindset helps you develop self confidence.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

Self love.
Loving yourself and appreciating yourself will make you feel nourished and blessed. It changes your thoughts and gives you the will to keep trying for yourself.

Celebrate your small achievements and validate it yourself.
Whenever you get a small success, appreciate it and celebrate it. Validate yourself by judging your own efforts. This will give you a push to try in a better way and move towards bigger goals.

Be kind to yourself.
When you see someone trying very hard in something, you always show kindness to them right. You tell them that they doing good, so why not do the same to yourself.

Be mindful of the way you think.
Have you heard of the saying, “The way you think, the same you become.”
So be careful about how you think about yourself. If you will keep having negative thoughts about yourself then that is what you will become eventually.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Talk to someone you feel very supportive of.
When you are feeling very sad and down, try talking to someone who supports you in every situations. Try sharing your feelings to them. They will definitely help you see the brightness within you.

Stop comparing.
Till the time you will keep comparing your life with others, your life will remain within a limit. Make your life boundless and limitless.

Appreciate your own strengths.
Rather than focusing on your weaknesses try looking into the things in which you are good at. Even if it is about your looks, try focusing what feature is more beautiful about you. What makes you different than other?

Upgrade your skills and learn in the process.
The best way to overcome self doubt is to keep making yourself better. Keep learning and a time will come you will understand how it made you come this far.

Take inspiration from live examples.
If you admire someone, then try to learn from their life about how they made it in their life to where they are today.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Stop making excuses and take actions.
Instead of talking about plans and thinking how to reach there, take the first step. It might help you go up the ladder sooner.

Try avoiding people who belittle you.
It might be happening that your acquaintances are impacting you in a much deeper level. You might be taking it very sportively but somewhere in the the corner of your brain, your subconscious mind starts believe those people who always belittle you. Try avoiding them as much as possible.

Start journaling.
In one of my post I have mentioned in detail about how journaling changes your life. It increase your inner strengths and helps you learn about yourself.

I seek strength, not to be greater than other, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself.
– P.C Cast

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Food and Nutrition

Turmeric and it’s benefits

Turmeric purifies the blood and brings translucence to your energies.
– Sadhguru

Photo by Karl Solano on Pexels.com

Turmeric has always been a big part of all Indian cuisine as well as it has been widely prescribed in many ayurvedic treatments because of it’s amazing health benefits.

Turmeric also known as Curcuma longa scientifically belongs to the family of ginger and it is the root that is mainly used for cooking. It is mainly produced in Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia, because it requires a temperature between 20 – 30 degree Celsius and ample amount of rainfall to sustain.

Other than Ayurveda, turmeric is also used in traditional Chinese medicines.

About a year back I started drinking hot water by mixing a spoon full of turmeric powder every day first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. Before that I must tell, I used to get sick very frequently. Some times it was flu or fever. But after consuming turmeric everyday in an empty stomach, I saw a lot of difference in my health. Even my skin got better. You can also try including turmeric in your skin care routine. We usually make lot of DIY face mask. Try using turmeric for the same as well and you can treat many skin related issues.

Benefits of Turmeric:

* Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and it is full of antioxidant.
* It works as an anti-aging supplement.
* It lowers the fat levels in our blood.
* It also plays a major role in improving skin and health and treats all kinds of skin diseases like acne, psoriasis and eczema.
* Treats and prevents chances of diabetes.
* Helps in keeping all organs in our body in good health.
* It keeps a check on our oral health and teeth.
* It helps in treating depression and improves our brain function.
* It is also known for delaying the occurrence of Alzheimer.
* It eases the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.
* It also prevents heart diseases if consumed on a daily basis in a raw form.
* It also helps in fighting and treating cancer.

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Book Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.
– James Clear

“Atomic Habits” has become one of the most popular book in self-help genre. And after reading it, I found it very practical to implement in our daily life and the examples given by James on Psychological aspects are incredible. He has given a detail breakdown of slowly shaping your lifestyle and making minor changes on daily basis and change your habits to achieve excellence.

James has also mentioned many real life examples of many athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and other successful people who managed to change their lives by making very small changes in their habits on a daily basis. He has also mentioned that when we try to change our bad habits and fail to do so, it is not our fault, we fail because of the system we are molded into from our childhood. It is our lower self-esteem which takes over our mind and our brain starts repeating in our head that, It’s not gonna happen for you.
Human behavior changes every day with situation and circumstances but what doesn’t change is human nature and his/her believes. And in this book James has explained how we can change that to achieve our desired goals by changing our inbuild behavior.

Even when you are trying to adapt a good habit, it is very much obvious and normal to fail in it to implement it in your daily routine. But with slow and small approach it can be achieved. If you will think that, from tomorrow I want to wake up at 5 am instead of 8 am. It’s not gonna happen, you will definitely fail on the second day or the third day. But instead, if you try waking up at 7:45 am for a week and then 7:30 am for the next week, your body will automatically start adapting to the change and you will feel more confident about yourself. He has mentioned that by making 1% change every day can give you massive result on a longer period. He calls it 1% rule.

There are many more theories mentioned in the book, to know more about it do read it and you will not regret it for sure.

Click on the above image link to buy.
Published date: 16th October 2018
Author: James Clear (Journalist)
Genre: Self-help book, Study guide
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Page count: 320
My rating: 5/5

You do not rise to the level of your goals.
You fall to the level of your systems.
– James Clear

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Self Improvement

Journaling: How it changed my life?

I write because I don’t know what I think until
I read what I say.
– Flannery O’Connor

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

Are you able to recognize all the thoughts and emotions that crosses your mind?
Do you know on an average 6,200 thoughts comes to our mind in a day?
Isn’t it fascinating how less we value our own thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just bottle up at least few of these thoughts?

Doesn’t matter what kind of personality trait you have, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there are so many thoughts and feelings we never say out loud to any one. But writing those on a piece of paper will help you actually recognize them on a deeper level.

There is no existence till there is no recognition.
When we write our thoughts, we get a lot of different perspective of our own mind. Before we try to understand someone else, I feel it is very important to understand ourselves.

You can know at what point you are being hard on yourself. You can know at what point you are being negative and when you are taking life in a positive manner.
We often judge others after listening to them or speaking to them. Sometimes we point out their flaws and sometimes we appreciate their good deeds.
Just imagine how good it will feel when you can do that to yourself.

I have been journaling for a very long time now. But previously I only used to write when I was very happy or when I was very upset. And when I feel that my thoughts are not organized, I used to avoid writing at all. I was not able to put my thoughts into words. After a certain time I started writing on a daily basis. Even if I don’t have any thing to write, I just used to write positive affirmations. And I felt so much change in my way of processing my own thoughts. I learnt how to keep myself on positive side of life. I learned how to process any negative and aggressive thoughts coming in my brain. It made me realize of all the privilege’s I am blessed with. Whenever I was doubting my own ability in doing something extremely out of my comfort zone, writing about it and reading it again gave me strength to cross those barriers I was so afraid to even think about.

You don’t have to write on a note pad or dairy with a pen daily. You can type your thoughts on your mobile phone or iPad or laptop whenever you get time. But do pen down your feelings. You will feel weightless within yourself.

Benefits of journaling
* Writing everyday boosts your self esteem and improves your mood.
* It helps you in understanding your own stand and position in life.
* It helps you realizing how much you have in life and makes you feel grateful for it.
* It helps you in solving your internal struggles in life and strengthens you emotionally.
* Helps in reducing stress, anxiety and heals any kind of mental traumatic experiences.
* Helps in sleeping better and improves memory as well.
* Helps you staying focused on your life goals.
* Improves communication skills.
* It helps you in learning from your own experiences on a daily basis.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Journal writing is, foremost, a way to order and reframe perspective.
– Alexandra Johnson

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How to stay organized?

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.
– Benjamin Franklin

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

For many people keeping things organized is a big challenge, whether it is their brain or their house or their office desk, doesn’t matter how much they try, they end up messing things again.

Where as for some people staying organized comes naturally. They are always organized effortlessly. No one is born with this skill. One has to develop it with time. It’s not like one day you can clean everything and expect it will stay like that throughout your life. It takes few practices on daily basis. But mostly you first need to organize your brain. If you can organize and compartmentalize everything in your brain your life will automatically fall into right place as well.

It’s really not that difficult if you follow few very simple tips in your daily life. Plus by being organized you can be more productive, efficient and you can save a lot of time in your 24 hours.

Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

– Always make a list or a mental note of your top most important tasks so that it is always done on time.
– Never let things pile up, always go with the process do the things that should be done.
Like when you enter your house after a long day don’t stash you bag on the floor along with your shoes, rather keep it in place, it will take the same energy as it takes to just put it on the ground. Once you change into fresh cloths, make sure to fold your used cloths or put it directly into laundry hamper if it needs to be cleaned.
– Do it now and stop procrastinating Once you let the thought enter into your mind that, “I will do it after sometime.” Do know that, the time will keep going and you will end up with a lot of more work to do at the last moment.
– Try doing one thing at a time. If you can focus on one thing, you can finish it much sooner.
– Learn to keep things in right place once you have used it.
– Take control of how you use your time.
– It’s better to declutter regularly. If everyday you keep check of things that you are not going to use anymore than you will have less things to organize. The more stuff you have, the more time it will consume to organize everything.

– Keep checking things off your long list of things to do.
– Avoid going for perfection.
– Take proper rest and so that you don’t feel lethargic.
– Mark your calendar for important stuffs to keep a track of everything that needs to be done.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

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Book Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.
– Dale Carnegie

We are living in twenty first century and in the current times making friends digitally is very very easy. People talk virtually through many social media platforms but when it comes to making real friends and having a real bond, most of us are lacking behind. Dale Carnegie wrote the book “How to win friends and influence people” in the year 1936 but it is still one of the best book which can help you in making a reliable social circle of your own in today’s time.

Carnegie has explained each and every step and point in a very understandable way. And the best part is he has jotted down very small and minute things which we hardly ever notice in our own way of talking and meeting people. Like at times we meet people and talk to them, but we don’t show complete interest in what they are saying but in return we do expect them to give us their complete attention.

He has pointed out how we want others to like us but we never take the initiative in liking them first. We want to be important part of other people’s lives but we never try to make them feel that they are important to us. The only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it. These are few examples of how Carnegie has explained in the book the process of making new friends and wining them and how to influence people towards the betterment of our lives and getting success. But at few points I did felt that all the steps mentioned in the book is not relatable by all kind of personalities. It may happen that few of the steps may conflict your own opinion in life. But having said so, to change your life you have to come out of your own comfort zone.

Click on the above image link to buy.
Published date: October 1936
Author: Dale Carnegie
Genre: Self-help book
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Page count: 341
My rating: 4/5

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Inner voice being demolished by social noise!

Do one thing every day that scares you.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Has it ever occur to you how much of your ideas and creativity became soundless in your brain by the noise created on the social ground?

You might even have forgotten those great ideas because it was constantly fed into your brain like, ” Do you think you are capable of actually doing it?”
“Yeah, as if you can accomplish something like that!”
“It’s not very practical in reality.”
“It’s very risky for you.”
“What if you do it and fail?”
“You are a grownup now, try to understand and take action on your responsibilities.”
“Dreams are good when you are sleeping.”

There are many more examples that I can give but I guess you understand the gist of what I am talking about. Right!

Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com

In a few seconds of hearing those statements, your brain starts to shrink and you literally forget the reason it all started and you look towards your daily life. You feel like why to mess it up when everything is going normal for me.

Well, this is very common in our day to day life, as in we are literally nurtured into this social way of fitting into a flock.

How often you feel guilty for having those dreams and passion which seems very impractical in nature to society’s eyes?
Internally you start scolding yourself for having those thoughts.

As if when you will fail in making those attempts to achieve your dream to make it true, those people will have to live the burden of your pain.

The funniest thing is everyone has one of those daydreams which they want to fulfil, but most of them don’t have the guts to take the risk or take that required first step forward. So even though they know it will literally change their own life if they make one single move, what they actually end up doing? They try to stop others as well to do the same thing.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I really admire those people who actually encourage someone to take the leap and actually stand behind them to catch that someone if they fall.

So the point of all this is what kind of person you want to be?
Whether you want to leap yourself or not is a totally different matter.
But I guess our society needs more of those kinds of people who support you and push you to stand up and try again when you fall and are wounded and bleeding.

It takes a lot to put efforts and keep trying to achieve your own dream. But it takes a lot more effort to take a stand for someone else so that they can achieve their dream.
If we can be one of those people, then maybe we can see more successful and happy people around us, who can inspire others to leap in their life.

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Book Review: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer

Decide what it is you want, write it down, review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you towards those goals.
– Jack Canfield

This one particular book is worth reading for people trying to achieve whatever they want in life. Jack Canfield who is an motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and an author has jacked up all self-help books into one in this book. Jack has taken real life stories from all over the world achievers and has written along with the principles to guide you to take one step at a time towards success.

There are total of 64 chapters in this book as in 64 principles. I guess many of you might prefer to read a book in one go but what I felt as a good approach to read this book is to take it one chapter at a time. Read one chapter and try implementing it in your life and when you feel the changes visible within you, go to the next chapter.

This principles not only helps you to achieve your goals but also give you confidence that you can actually do it. It also helps you becoming a better version of yourself and remove all the negative aspects of your personality. It will change your perspective towards how you solve the problems you are facing in life.

Source taken from JackCanfield.com

What makes it believable is that Jack has mentioned the case studies about situations faced by real life successful people and how they took actions, made changes to achieve their dreams and on today’s date they are known for their achievements.

Plus with this book comes a free online complimentary course, which will help you understanding how to implement and learn those principles. And the very first principle that is taught in this book is to take 100% responsibility of your life. That means you shouldn’t blame life or circumstance or any other person for all the wrong happening in your life. Because you always a have choice to get out of a situation you are currently in. By taking full responsibility of your life, you take the first step towards gaining the confidence of changing your life.

Click on the above image link to buy.
Published date: December 28, 2004
Author: Jack Canfield
Genre: Self-help book
Publisher: Harpercollins
Page count: 514
My rating: 5/5

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OCD: Obsessive compulsive disorder

I do not have OCD. I have checked, three or four hundred times, and I definitely don’t have it.
– David Mitchell

OCD is a mental illness which causes repeated thoughts or urge to do something again and again. It might be washing hands again and again or cleaning something over again even though it’s already clean, counting steps or checking on something even though nothing is changed. Some people might only have obsession or compulsion or both at times. It is beyond their own control and trying to deny it makes them cranky and frustrated. They keep trying to organize or straighten things repetitively till to the point of their satisfaction.

Though in OCD being obsessed and being compulsive can be different from each other.

Symptoms of Obsession in OCD
Obsession in OCD is very persistent and repetitive in nature. It causes images in brain which is very difficult to get out of mind. Like as in everything around you is rotting or decaying. Few people get horrible visions and thoughts and end up having panic attacks. It can based on many things, like:
– Fear of losing control in life.
– Having aggressive and unwanted thoughts.
– Fear of dirt and being unhygienic.
– Difficulty in tolerating things which are not as per their approval.
– Insecurities becoming fear in it’s most brutal way and starts controlling the person’s every thought.

Symptoms of Compulsion in OCD
Compulsion in OCD is mainly repeating the same act again and again to control the anxiety caused by obsession which controls all the thoughts in the person’s brain. The person keeps doing the same thing again and again unconsciously to stop himself/herself from thinking those thoughts which has become an obsession in mind. Compulsive nature can be based on the following things:
– Washing and cleaning repetitively.
– Keeping things in order and in symmetry.
– Checking on lights, locks or stove in kitchen .
– Doing things in a particular order to have control over things.
– Following strict routine.
– Needing reassurance again and again.

But when people go into severe mode of OCD it is difficult to handle. And that happens when the person is too stressed or scared about something. For them it seems as if they are going to lose everything and they can’t do anything about it.

OCD can’t be cured completely but can be controlled with proper therapy sessions and medication. And few people learn to control it eventually but some of their habits becomes a part of their raw nature.

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Self Improvement

Ways to improve your vocabulary.

One forgets words as one forgets names.
One’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.
– Evelyn Waugh

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

We often struggle around putting words into a sentence.
Doesn’t matter which language we are trying to learn or master, when it comes to using words we are confused. Whether while we are writing or speaking, we fumble with our sentences and use fillers like ah, um, etc. and end up feeling helpless to express ourselves. And to become confident about it, we need to have a good hold on using correct word at the right place or situation.
It is important to know which word to use to express the situation perfectly that you are trying to explain.

Strengthening your vocabulary helps you better in communicating and expressing the facts better. It makes you confident and smart.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ways to improve:
* Develop a reading habit.
Reading on a regular basis make you acquainted with the vast world of literature. You get the idea of using words and it’s synonyms and antonyms.
* Subscribe to the word of the day.
There are many websites and apps now a days which publish a word everyday with it’s meaning and way to use it. You can subscribe to those and get notification everyday.
* Play word games.
There are many words games, like scrabbles, crossword, word search, etc. You can test yourself and learn a lot by playing those games.
* Practice using new words in your daily conversation.
* Listen the speeches given by famous and successful people.
When people give any speech, most of them are well prepared about their facts and they prepare beforehand what to say and how to say to the point of perfection. Listening to them speaking helps a lot as well.
* Use the dictionary and thesaurus.
Whenever you are in doubt about any particular word, use dictionary or thesaurus and highlight that word for future reference. Highlighting with different colors will help your brain memories it much faster.
* Watch movies and TV series with subtitles.
* Try conversing with different people and notice their ways of using words in their statements. How they express their thoughts and their choice of words to do so will help you understand the particular language much better and it will get imprinted into your brain more easily.
* Try writing everyday.
When you make a habit of writing everyday, words start flowing to you automatically. Initially you might face some problems composing your sentences but eventually you will start to use the new words that you learn everyday by reading or talking to others.
* Learn the roots of the words.
When it comes to difficult and unusual words, you can search for it’s origin or how it was derived, that will help you in remembering them for a long time.


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How to deal with caffeine withdrawal?

Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you, It’s the cage you live in.
– Johann Hari.

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Caffeine though said it is good for health, it can have it’s own side effects when consumed in too much dose. Caffeine stimulates the nerves in our body and keeps us active and alert for longer time. As we are busy in our day to day work, we use caffeine to focus and have an effective output. And eventually people come to a point where they actually have to stop their intake. But when they do so, they go through many other symptoms which is very difficult to deal with. People who are used to having caffeine on a regular basis, it can be very hard for them to stop it.

Symptoms of Caffeine withdrawal are headache, fatigue, mood swing, difficulty in focusing, constipation, tiredness, crankiness, anxiety, tremors, etc.

Ways to deal with those symptoms and stop the addiction as well:

Don’t stop caffeine intake abruptly
People who are trying to get out of caffeine addiction, for them it can be very difficult to do so. And cutting it completely will only make them more frustrated. So, it would be better to reduce it gradually.

Drink lots of non-caffeinated fluids
Staying hydrated can be the first step to prevent the craving of caffeine. Drink water as much as you can. Most of the time we are just thirsty. Including fruit juice can be of great help as well.

Healthy snacks
Dry fruits and nuts have many good minerals and nutrients which help your body in recovery and get the energy to stay active. So when you get the craving for caffeinated drinks, I would suggest you try having some healthy snacks which includes dry fruits and nuts.

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Take small naps
Taking small power naps periodically throughout the day can help with fatigue and tiredness in body.

Ice pack
If you get headaches as part of the symptoms, you can apply ice pack on head and if it becomes severe you can take prescribed medication.

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil or menthol helps in improving in mood swings and also reduces the craving. It also helps in relieving tension in body.

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Having anxiety and panic attacks in this situation is very normal. Since caffeine helps you in staying focus and productive, suddenly without it you might feel incompetent. You may feel stressed and drained out as well. If you are going through this phase, meditation is your cure. Meditation calms you down and helps you stay focused through out the day.

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Leaving past behind…

Every day may not be good
but there is something good in every day.
– Alice Morse Earle

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We are entering into 2021 and leaving 2020 behind.
Year 2020 has been a critical year for all of us, many people have gone through many losses and pain. For few people this year was quite lonely. Wearing mask, fear of catching viruses, economical crisis, being quarantined, staying inside house 24×7, life has been full of chaos. But after going through all these we are ready to welcome a new year and we don’t know what 2021 is hiding in it’s box for us. But there is nothing wrong in keeping a good attitude and a hopeful mindset.

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what can we take as lessons from 2020?
* Freedom shouldn’t be taken for granted.
* Happiness is created within ourselves.
* Never take basic things in life for granted.
* Difficult times shows us the reality.
* Just because we are alone at times, doesn’t mean we have to feel lonely.
* Self-care and self-love is a priority.
* Life is not a race of going big, life is all about surviving and being happy.
* Living in past or future, is not going to make our present any better.
* Time is the most limited resource on earth.

Leaving past behind and moving forward can obviously be difficult but on today’s date it a necessity.

Learn from past but don’t keep reliving it-
Negative experience can make a great impact on us. But living those moments again and again can only make our life more difficult.

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Forgiving is the key to move forward in life-
At times people hurt us, either intentionally or unintentionally and what we do is keep making points on how we got hurt, or what went bad or how we could have prevented it. And we start holding grudge against those people, but at the end we are the one in pain. Once we find a way to forgive them, we can start moving on from the matter. Even if it is a guilt of making a mistake, find a way to forgive yourself.

Focus on the present moment-
Dwelling with past will keep you from living in the present and eventually you will regret losing it in future. And regrets will only weigh you down, mentally as well as physically.

Value the people who are around you in your difficult times and care about you-
In our difficult times we drown ourselves in so much pain that we don’t realize having people around us, who are actually trying to help us and are very caring. With time we don’t value their efforts towards us.

Start making new memories while cherishing the old ones in your heart-
Rather than looking at old pictures and being sad, we can cherish those moments in our heart and we can make some new memories to remember the current moment.

I wish you all and your family a very happy new year. I hope you all find prosperity, happiness and abundance in this new year.

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