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Inner voice being demolished by social noise!

Do one thing every day that scares you.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Has it ever occur to you how much of your ideas and creativity became soundless in your brain by the noise created on the social ground?

You might even have forgotten those great ideas because it was constantly fed into your brain like, ” Do you think you are capable of actually doing it?”
“Yeah, as if you can accomplish something like that!”
“It’s not very practical in reality.”
“It’s very risky for you.”
“What if you do it and fail?”
“You are a grownup now, try to understand and take action on your responsibilities.”
“Dreams are good when you are sleeping.”

There are many more examples that I can give but I guess you understand the gist of what I am talking about. Right!

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In a few seconds of hearing those statements, your brain starts to shrink and you literally forget the reason it all started and you look towards your daily life. You feel like why to mess it up when everything is going normal for me.

Well, this is very common in our day to day life, as in we are literally nurtured into this social way of fitting into a flock.

How often you feel guilty for having those dreams and passion which seems very impractical in nature to society’s eyes?
Internally you start scolding yourself for having those thoughts.

As if when you will fail in making those attempts to achieve your dream to make it true, those people will have to live the burden of your pain.

The funniest thing is everyone has one of those daydreams which they want to fulfil, but most of them don’t have the guts to take the risk or take that required first step forward. So even though they know it will literally change their own life if they make one single move, what they actually end up doing? They try to stop others as well to do the same thing.

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I really admire those people who actually encourage someone to take the leap and actually stand behind them to catch that someone if they fall.

So the point of all this is what kind of person you want to be?
Whether you want to leap yourself or not is a totally different matter.
But I guess our society needs more of those kinds of people who support you and push you to stand up and try again when you fall and are wounded and bleeding.

It takes a lot to put efforts and keep trying to achieve your own dream. But it takes a lot more effort to take a stand for someone else so that they can achieve their dream.
If we can be one of those people, then maybe we can see more successful and happy people around us, who can inspire others to leap in their life.

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Have a great weekend ahead.
Thank You!


Pratha Nayak


6 thoughts on “Inner voice being demolished by social noise!”

  1. Good afternoon, Pratha Nayak
    Thank you for your words and your thoughts.
    my answer:
    According to my experience
    my inner voice
    tells my consciousness
    even as a child
    later as an adult
    in everything itself
    or from outside
    the stress caused
    I ask where I am
    where I was then
    to new insight
    are silent for me
    the electric currents
    in the dark
    in my brain
    i don’t want great ideas
    neither create nor maintain
    i let up from child
    from my soul
    in the language of dreams
    the responsibility
    to what to do
    as best I can
    in the inner world
    and the outside world
    to take over
    the failure heard
    It is painful
    I confess
    it is part of it
    I want to get to the core
    in me consciously approach
    not something else
    as proclaimed his creed
    to one’s own being
    for a better life
    the dependence
    inside and outside
    is with all might
    all people
    insurmountable to myself
    my thoughts often cross my mind
    they say a lot
    I listen to their thoughts
    and do afterwards
    my next steps
    I don’t have to make the dream come true
    it is a natural event
    trying to understand him
    to judge me accordingly
    the daydream
    I leave that
    convinced of themselves
    i don’t admire anyone
    if anyone needs help
    if i can
    I want to give it too
    I don’t want any
    a certain kind of person to be my own
    I know
    of war
    of disregard for human dignity
    of manslaughter
    and murder
    of oppression
    the abuse
    of women and children
    of slavery
    of domination
    the mighty
    in the spiritual
    of society
    in politics
    the exploitation
    the economy
    our mother
    the human
    on our planet
    I try every day
    to do the better
    as far as I can
    what society needs
    or not
    I don’t know
    every person stands
    in his place in his responsibility
    who is his dreams
    and his desires
    for a better life
    to which he should give himself up if he so will
    for more success and happiness
    i am in my life
    the way I am
    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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