Book Review: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer

Decide what it is you want, write it down, review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you towards those goals.
– Jack Canfield

This one particular book is worth reading for people trying to achieve whatever they want in life. Jack Canfield who is an motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and an author has jacked up all self-help books into one in this book. Jack has taken real life stories from all over the world achievers and has written along with the principles to guide you to take one step at a time towards success.

There are total of 64 chapters in this book as in 64 principles. I guess many of you might prefer to read a book in one go but what I felt as a good approach to read this book is to take it one chapter at a time. Read one chapter and try implementing it in your life and when you feel the changes visible within you, go to the next chapter.

This principles not only helps you to achieve your goals but also give you confidence that you can actually do it. It also helps you becoming a better version of yourself and remove all the negative aspects of your personality. It will change your perspective towards how you solve the problems you are facing in life.

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What makes it believable is that Jack has mentioned the case studies about situations faced by real life successful people and how they took actions, made changes to achieve their dreams and on today’s date they are known for their achievements.

Plus with this book comes a free online complimentary course, which will help you understanding how to implement and learn those principles. And the very first principle that is taught in this book is to take 100% responsibility of your life. That means you shouldn’t blame life or circumstance or any other person for all the wrong happening in your life. Because you always a have choice to get out of a situation you are currently in. By taking full responsibility of your life, you take the first step towards gaining the confidence of changing your life.

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Published date: December 28, 2004
Author: Jack Canfield
Genre: Self-help book
Publisher: Harpercollins
Page count: 514
My rating: 5/5

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer”

  1. Good day,
    Pratha Nayak

    Thank you for your book recommendation.

    My answer:

    every subjective moment
    demands of me
    a decision

    not what I put into words
    the daily review
    doing and leaving

    I let myself be from the dream
    not self made
    as an event of nature
    through the soul itself
    lead to new insight

    it is the desire
    of children
    the negative
    our own fault
    to exclude

    life itself
    we have our own
    not self made

    life takes us every day
    with our conscience
    to the smallest of events
    us into our own responsibility

    not with power
    for money, possessions and wealth
    for a great success

    famous in the anal
    to go down in history

    the service providers
    the spiritual
    the chosen one
    the entrepreneurs
    the mighty
    in politics, science and culture
    the world rulers

    our goal
    set nature
    to do what to do

    it only gives us one real goal
    that is fulfilled by itself
    one’s own dying
    the death that takes us again
    from mother earth

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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