OCD: Obsessive compulsive disorder

I do not have OCD. I have checked, three or four hundred times, and I definitely don’t have it.
– David Mitchell

OCD is a mental illness which causes repeated thoughts or urge to do something again and again. It might be washing hands again and again or cleaning something over again even though it’s already clean, counting steps or checking on something even though nothing is changed. Some people might only have obsession or compulsion or both at times. It is beyond their own control and trying to deny it makes them cranky and frustrated. They keep trying to organize or straighten things repetitively till to the point of their satisfaction.

Though in OCD being obsessed and being compulsive can be different from each other.

Symptoms of Obsession in OCD
Obsession in OCD is very persistent and repetitive in nature. It causes images in brain which is very difficult to get out of mind. Like as in everything around you is rotting or decaying. Few people get horrible visions and thoughts and end up having panic attacks. It can based on many things, like:
– Fear of losing control in life.
– Having aggressive and unwanted thoughts.
– Fear of dirt and being unhygienic.
– Difficulty in tolerating things which are not as per their approval.
– Insecurities becoming fear in it’s most brutal way and starts controlling the person’s every thought.

Symptoms of Compulsion in OCD
Compulsion in OCD is mainly repeating the same act again and again to control the anxiety caused by obsession which controls all the thoughts in the person’s brain. The person keeps doing the same thing again and again unconsciously to stop himself/herself from thinking those thoughts which has become an obsession in mind. Compulsive nature can be based on the following things:
– Washing and cleaning repetitively.
– Keeping things in order and in symmetry.
– Checking on lights, locks or stove in kitchen .
– Doing things in a particular order to have control over things.
– Following strict routine.
– Needing reassurance again and again.

But when people go into severe mode of OCD it is difficult to handle. And that happens when the person is too stressed or scared about something. For them it seems as if they are going to lose everything and they can’t do anything about it.

OCD can’t be cured completely but can be controlled with proper therapy sessions and medication. And few people learn to control it eventually but some of their habits becomes a part of their raw nature.

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22 thoughts on “OCD: Obsessive compulsive disorder”

  1. Good evening, Pratha Nayak

    Yes i have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    My soul tells me every day that you did that,
    and you were this and that too.

    To this I answer: my soul, it is really very painful for me, yes, as you say it, it was like that.

    I am afraid of every day,
    right through my subjective moment
    at the same place,
    without forgiveness,
    in front of my soul
    to stand in the dock.

    Reply to: – David Mitchell

    The subconscious, I think, wants to be integrated, not controlled.

    Suffering, hardship, scarcity and death are part of human life.

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  2. you know i used to say i have OCD just because i liked for everything to be perfectly symmetrical and stuff (obviously I knew I didn’t), and i regret making it sound like a joke when it’s such a serious situation. but now i think i might actually have it. no, probably not, i’m just being paranoid, though the symptoms do sound like my everyday life —
    thank you for this post :)) and i respect everyone who has OCD

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